TERMS and conditions 

1 The Marina Run 2020 is an event of Epic ESR Pte Ltd

(1) Updated versions of these terms and conditions will be published on the homepage www.marinarun.com.sg/conditions. They are, in their then-current form, part of the contract between organizer and participant.

(2) The route - The race has been measured as approximately 5km Fun Run, 10km, 21km and 30km from the starting point and back. All three races will be held on the same day with different flag off timing for crowd control and safety reasons.

2 Terms and conditions of participation - safety measures

(1) Every healthy and trained runner is entitled to participate who have reached the age of 5 years old for 5km Fun Run and 16 years old for 10km,21km and 30km race categories. Participants take full, personal responsibility for their health standing. Any participant has to be officially registered and has to have the official starting bib for Marina Run in order to start the race. For 21km and 30km, Veterans are participants who are 40 years and above for men and women categories respectively on the date of event. There is no age limit imposed except for those who have not reached 5 years of age for 5km Fun Run and 16 years of age for 10km, 21km and 30km categories. ALL participants are to ensure that they are fit to run the distance that they have signed up for. There will be no taking over of slots. If such a case occurs, Epic ESR has the sole right to remove, deny and reject the runner who is not the person listed on the running bib.

(2) Organizational measures will be announced to the participants by the organizer prior to the start of the event. Instructions of the organizer and event staff are to be followed without exception. If these instructions are not complied with and this disrupts the orderly progress of the event or jeopardizes the safety of participants or visitors, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person or disqualify the participant in question.

3 Registration - participation fee - terms of payment - reimbursement - cancellation

(1) Registrations can only be accepted on our homepage www.marinarun.com.sg by registering online using the "web form" or the official downloaded PDF form, completely filled and sent back to Epic ESR Pte Ltd. Registrations are binding for the applicant. After successful completion of the registration process the applicant will received a confirmation email. In the event of incomplete or erroneous transactions, Epic ESR is to make amendments or address the fault which might lead to cancellation of the race slot with appropriate refunds less any incidental cost and administrative charges made to the participant.

(2) The entry fees are stated here. The services provided by Epic ESR Pte Ltd can be found on the homepage www.marinarun.com.sg/race-info/event/.

(3) Payments can be made by credit card via online registration or cheque by post. Cheque are accepted along with the hardcopy, downloadable registration form found here. Credit cards payments can be made via the Marina Run website through a secured payment portal.

(4) The organizer will send a confirmation to the participant after receiving the registration application and the entry fee. The organizer reserves the right to exclude or disqualify a participant at any time, if he or she has provided false personal information.

(5) The right to participate is not transferable without explicit approval of the organizer.

(6) If a registered participant does not enter the race or declares to the organizer his or her withdrawal, he or she is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee. Any request for refunds are subject to approval and at the sole discretion of the organizer.

(7) Epic ESR Pte Ltd can exclude or cancel the contract with a participant of the event if:

he or she violates the regulations and/or rules and instructions (before or during the event), he or she keeps disturbing the event or jeopardizes his/her own safety or the safety of someone else, he or she fails to comply with the instructions of the event management or staff members, if the participant disturbs materially the fulfilment of the contract in any other way or his/her behaviour is not in conformity with the contract in such a way that an immediate termination of the contract becomes justified, if the person running the race is not the same person listed on the bib.

In the event this contract is terminated by Epic ESR Pte Ltd, it will be eligible for the total price; however Epic ESR Pte Ltd must allow the deduction of the amount of saved expenses and any over benefit it obtained from the use of the starting fee for other purposes, including any sums that may have been credited by other service providers.

(8) The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Marina Run 2020 at any time without prior notice to the Participants, in which case they will make an effort to inform the Participants prior to the date of the event. If the Marina Run 2020 has to be cancelled or postponed, there shall be no refund of registration fees paid and the Organizer shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused.


(9) Any disputes arising from participation in Marina Run 2020 shall be referred to Arbitration to be conducted in Singapore under the laws of Singapore.

(10) The Organizer reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without giving prior notification or any reasons thereof.


4 Cancellation of the event - failure to commence the race

In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure, failure to commence the race or cancellation due to reasons the organizers have no control over (like bad weather/haze), the participant has no right to claim a refund of the entry fee or a proportionate reimbursement for other damages, such as travel expenses or accommodation costs.

5 Liability Disclaimer

(1) Participants agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the organizer of the event or any third party executing the event from and against all damages and costs. This does not apply, if the organizer, his legal representatives or his assistants in the execution of his duties have acted with intent or with gross negligence or the organizer is duly liable due to accountable damage resulting from injuries to the life, the body or the health of a person or the breach of integral contractual obligations.

(2) The organizer will not be liable for health risks of a participant that are in any way connected with taking part at Marina Run. It is incumbent on the participant to make sure he/she is in good health. The participant has to take charge of his own equipment according to the regulations.

(3) The organizer will not be liable for lost valuables, clothing or equipment.

(4) The organizer disclaims all liability for damages that may arise because a participant is prevented by legal regulations and/or governmental orders to partake in the event.

(5) All participants do not need to return the timing chip.

(6) Costs for third party services, e.g. ambulance services have to be paid by the participant. The organizer reserves the right to charge any of these costs to the participant. It is recommended to get the coverage of a personal liability insurance for this type of event. Please check your existing insurance plans for coverage.

6 Data acquisition and utilization.

(1) Participants agree that personal data can be provided to a third party for the purposes of timekeeping, compiling lists of the results, as well as publication of those lists on the internet.

(2) Personal data provided in the registration process by the participant will be stored and used for purposes that are connected with executing the event only, especially with regard to data necessary for the payment process (Paypal). By registering the participant agrees that his/her data is stored for that purpose.

(3) Participants agree that photos, video material, and interviews made in connection with his/her participation in the event can be broadcasted and published on TV, the radio, in print, books, photo copies (video footage, video tapes, etc.) without fees. Moreover, participants agree that personal data can be provided to a third party commissioned by the organizer for the purpose of mailing photos of participants on the course or in the finish. However, participants do hereby not declare that they may want to buy such a photo.

(4) The participant agrees that his/her last name, first name, year of birth, team name, starting number and results (placing, times) may be published in all print media relevant to the event (participant list, scoring board) and in all electronic media such as the internet.

(5) Participants can declare in writing (fax or e-mail) their objection to the publication of their personal data with the organizer.

(6) The participant herewith accepts that Epic ESR can use his/her E-Mail address, mobile phone, mailing address to send him/her further information.

7 Statute of Limitation

Any claim by the participant towards Epic ESR, irrespective of its legal ground, shall be statute-barred after two weeks from the contractually specified end of the event.